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Welcome to the world of Scott Bikes at Zeeda. Scott has been redefining the cycling experience for years, producing bikes that excel from the challenging Alpine climbs to the sprint finishes of the Grand Tours.

Renowned for their innovation and engineering, Scott bikes are a testament to the relentless pursuit of perfection. Each model in our Scott collection showcases the blend of technology and passion that drives the brand.

Discover our range and find more than a bike—find a relentless ally for every race, a steadfast companion for every ride, and a pinnacle of cycling sophistication.



Are Scott bikes made in Switzerland?

Scott bikes originated in Switzerland, and the company still has its headquarters in Givisiez, though their bikes are now manufactured globally.

What do the numbers mean on Scott bikes?

The numbers on Scott bikes typically refer to the model series and its position within the range, with lower numbers often indicating higher-end models.

What is Contessa in Scott bikes?

Contessa is Scott's line of bikes specifically designed for women, offering tailored geometry and components for optimal fit and performance.

Is the Scott Addict a good bike?

The Scott Addict is highly regarded for its lightweight construction and aggressive race geometry, making it a favorite among road cyclists for both competition and recreational riding.

What does RC stand for in Scott?

RC stands for 'Racing Concept,' which is Scott's designation for models that feature the latest technology and highest performance specs.

What type of bike is the Scott Genius?

The Scott Genius is a versatile full-suspension mountain bike designed for both climbing efficiency and descending prowess, suitable for a wide range of trails.

Is the Scott Foil a fast bike?

Yes, the Scott Foil is a road bike engineered for speed, with an aerodynamic profile that makes it one of the fastest bikes in the pro peloton.

The Ultimate Guide To Scott Bikes

Scott Bikes, a reputed name in the cycling industry, has carved a niche for itself by offering an extensive range of bicycles designed to cater to riders of all levels, from beginners to professional athletes. Known for their innovative designs and advanced technology, Scott Bikes provide options for every type of cyclist, whether they're looking to conquer rugged mountain trails or glide smoothly over asphalt on a road bike. Over the years, Scott Bikes has remained committed to enhancing the cycling experience by consistently introducing bikes that are not just high in quality but also bear a hallmark of reliability and performance.

The brand's lineup includes road bikes known for their efficiency and speed, mountain bikes designed for durability and control in off-road conditions, and electric bikes that offer a modern twist on traditional cycling. In addition to performance bikes, Scott also caters to younger riders with a selection of children's bikes that prioritize safety, comfort, and a fun riding experience. With a brand presence deeply rooted in competitive cycling, Scott Bikes has been instrumental in securing victories at prestigious international events, which has helped to solidify their reputation as a creator of world-class bicycles.

History and Evolution

Scott Sports, originally Scott USA, was established in 1958 with a mission to innovate in the world of sports. Initially, the company made significant strides in skiing equipment but it wasn’t until the 1980s that Scott expanded into the cycling industry. The shift began during Greg LeMond’s era, marking a turning point with the introduction of an aero bar that LeMond used in his notable 1989 Tour de France victory.

In the 1990s, the company’s evolution continued as they started manufacturing mountain bikes and components, diversifying their range and strengthening their position in the cycling market. One notable product in their line is the Addict RC, introduced in 2008, which quickly became a success in competitive road cycling. It achieved several wins and podium finishes in major tours, solidifying its place in road bike history. A new version of the Addict RC was introduced in 2019, reaffirming Scott’s commitment to producing leading-edge road bikes.

Headquartered in Givisiez, Switzerland, Scott Sports maintains a global presence with branches across various continents. Scott’s innovation is not limited to just bicycles as they continue to produce winter equipment, motorsports gear, and sportswear.

MilestoneDescription1958Establishment of Scott USA1980sEnters cycling market with aero bars1990sBegins manufacturing mountain bikes2008Launches the Addict RC, a competitive road bike2019Introduces a new flagship road bike model

Their deep-rooted history signifies Scott's progression and transformation into a multi-faceted sporting goods company, continually contributing to the advancement of sports technology.

What Sets The Brand Apart: Unique Features and Technologies

Scott Bikes is distinguished in the cycling industry for its innovative technologies and forward-thinking design, striving for enhancement in cycling performance.

Twinloc Suspension System: This feature permits riders to control the bike's suspension performance and geometry simultaneously. It's been pivotal in achieving numerous cross-country World Cup victories and is employed across Scott's full-suspension bikes range for optimal riding efficiency and comfort.

Internal Cable Routing: Pioneering in fully internal cable routing, Scott ensures a sleek and aerodynamic profile for its bikes. The design minimizes drag and protects cables from the environmental damage, supporting both electronic and mechanical shifting systems with a cleaner aesthetic and improved performance.

eRIDE Technology: In the realm of electric bikes, Scott differentiates itself with the eRIDE series. Lightweight and versatile, the Addict RC eRIDE caters to the traditional roadie with an inclination for performance, while the Solace eRIDE extends its focus to endurance, representing Scott’s commitment to diverse riding experiences.

Material Innovation: Scott continually experiments with materials to find the ideal balance between strength, weight, and reliability. This pursuit leads to the utilization of high-end carbon and alloy materials, ensuring that each bike is not only light and agile but also durable enough for the demands of modern cycling.

The confluence of these technologies positions Scott Bikes as a brand that values precision, performance, and innovation—factors that resonate with cycling enthusiasts globally.

Popular Models

Scott Bikes offers a diverse range of bicycles suited for various types of riders and terrains. Here are some of the brand's popular models:

Mountain Bikes:

Scott Scale: Aimed at cross-country riding, the Scott Scale is designed for speed and efficiency on challenging trails.

Road Bikes:

Scott Addict RC Pro: A high-performance model built for racing, the Addict RC Pro is known for its lightweight carbon frame and agile handling.

Scott Foil: The Foil series highlights aerodynamic innovation, suitable for riders who prioritize speed and precision on the tarmac.

Gravel/CX Bikes:

Scott Addict Gravel 10: A versatile gravel bike that is capable of handling both unpaved roads and long distance rides with ease.

Electric Bikes:

For those looking for an assisted ride, Scott provides electric options across different categories, enhancing the riding experience without compromising on performance.

Scott's bike range is recognized for integrating advanced materials and technology, reflecting a commitment to quality and rider satisfaction across all disciplines. These popular models embody the brand's dedication to cycling excellence, from competitive racing to adventurous off-roading.

Understanding the Range

Scott is a prominent brand in the cycling industry, known for a diverse range of bicycles designed for various disciplines. The myriad options can be categorized into main groups: lightweight, aero, endurance, gravel/cross-country (CX), and women’s specific designs. Key models carry the "Addict" name, signifying the brand's dedication to high-performance bikes.

Categories and Features

Lightweight: These bikes prioritize a light frame for efficiency and speed on climbs.

Aero: Aerodynamically optimized for reduced wind resistance, enhancing speed on flat terrain.

Endurance: Designed for comfort over long distances, featuring a more relaxed geometry.

Gravel/CX: Gravel bikes offer versatility with off-road capabilities, while CX models are tailored for cyclocross racing.

Women’s: Specific models are tailored to better fit female riders.

Notable Models

Scott Addict RC: A staple in the lightweight category, excelling in responsiveness and agility.

Scott Foil: Represents the aero segment, balancing speed and comfort.

Scott Addict Gravel: A robust option for those seeking adventures off the beaten path.

In 2011, Scott ventured into electric bikes, partnering with Bosch to deliver stylish and user-friendly E-bikes. They also continue to make significant contributions to mountain bike technology, embracing trends like 27.5-inch wheel sizes.

Price points for Scott bikes align with industry averages, considering the innovation and quality they put into each model. Whether for professional racing, leisurely trail rides, or urban commuting, their range has options suited to every rider’s needs.

Technology and Innovation

Scott Bikes consistently pushes the boundaries of technology in the cycling industry. Focused on maximizing performance and enhancing rider experience, Scott incorporates cutting-edge technology and innovative materials into their bike designs.

Advanced Technologies in Scott Bikes:

Aerodynamic Designs: Streamlined bike geometry helps minimize air resistance.

Innovative Materials: Use of carbon fiber and other lightweight composites.

Integrated Suspension Technology: Patented systems present in models like the Scott Genius ensure a responsive ride on varied terrains.

The company’s bikes feature precise geometry, which is a crucial factor in delivering a superior handling experience. Attention to these details results in a bike that feels nimble and responsive under the rider.

The Genius model from Scott, first introduced in 2003, stands as a testament to the brand’s innovation. It has remained at the heart of the company's trail bike lineup, evolving with new features and technologies to maintain its relevance and performance standards.

Key Innovations:

2003: Introduction of the Genius bike with revolutionary mountain bike technology.

First Carbon Mountain Bike: Marking Scott's foray into lightweight bike frames.

Through a blend of aerodynamics, materials science, and suspension ingenuity, Scott Bikes ensures that it remains at the forefront of cycling technology, delivering bikes that cater to both competitive racing and everyday commuting.

Buying Guide

When searching for the perfect bike, it's essential to focus on the two core aspects: the proper size and fit for the individual, and the budget that aligns with one's financial considerations.

Size and Fit

The rider’s height and inseam measurements are crucial for determining the correct bike size, ensuring a comfortable and efficient riding experience. A proper fit affects handling, comfort, and the ability to ride for extended periods. Key measurements include the standover height and the reach, both of which ensure the rider can handle the bicycle effectively.

Standover Height: The clearance between the rider and the top tube when standing flat-footed.

Reach: The distance from the saddle to the handlebars.

Budget Considerations

Before making a purchase, setting a budget is critical. Bikes come in a wide range of prices, often corresponding to the features and technology they incorporate.

Entry-Level: Typically more affordable, tend to have fewer high-tech features.

Mid-Range: Offer a balance of quality and price, suitable for most casual to intermediate riders.

High-End: Feature top-tier components and materials, best suited for serious enthusiasts or professional riders.

Comparing features within these price brackets is essential in making an informed purchase that meets both the rider's needs and financial constraints.


Scott Bikes has established itself as a reputable brand in the cycling industry. With a range of bicycles catered to various disciplines, it offers options for riders of all levels. The offerings include:

Mountain bikes: Built to handle rugged trails.

Road bikes: Designed for speed and efficiency on paved roads.

E-bikes: Engineered with advanced technology for an effortless ride.

Hybrid bikes: Versatile for both on-road and off-road use.

Gravel/CX bikes: Ready for the demands of gravel and cyclocross.

Kids' bikes: Safe and reliable for young enthusiasts.

Scott's utilization of cutting-edge technology, such as aerodynamic designs and precise geometry, enhances the cycling experience. The brand is known for its commitment to quality and innovation, which is evident in the performance of its bikes.

The decision to collaborate with Bosch to produce E-bikes shows Scott's ability to adapt to market trends. It further demonstrates their dedication to offering a broad selection that meets contemporary cycling needs.

In summary, Scott Bikes provides cyclists with a variety of dependable and advanced bicycles, affirming its position as a leading choice for cyclists worldwide. The brand's continuous development and attention to detail have ensured a loyal following among the cycling community.