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Zeeda Group Buys

1. What is a Group Buy?

A Group Buy on Zeeda is a unique buying model where multiple buyers come together to purchase mid and high-end bikes. By pooling their buying power, participants can unlock significant discounts not available through individual purchases. The good news is that Zeeda finds the people and the deals, all you need to do is join an active group buy or request a deal and leave the rest to us.

2. How do I participate in a Group Buy?

To participate, simply log into your Zeeda account, navigate to a product with an active Group Buy, and select the Group Buy option. Follow the prompts to join and you’ll be part of the collective purchase.

3. Is there a minimum number of participants required for a Group Buy to succeed?

Yes, each Group Buy has a minimum participant requirement to activate the special pricing. This number varies depending on the product and is clearly displayed on the Group Buy page until the minimum number of participants is reached. After that the Group Buy is active and you can purchase as you would with a normal online purchase.

4. What happens if the Group Buy doesn’t reach its required number of participants?

If a Group Buy doesn’t meet the required number of participants by its end date, the Group Buy is canceled, and no charges will be processed.

5. When will I be charged for a Group Buy purchase?

If the minimum number of participants for a Group Buy has been reached then the deal will be activated and you can purchase the product as you would a typical online purchase.

6. How are the products in a Group Buy delivered?

The same as you would with a normal online purchase. Delivery times may vary based on the product and the seller, and this information will be communicated to you on the product page and confirmed, post-purchase, in a confirmation email to you.

7. What is the Return & Refund Policy?

You can find more on the policy and return-specific FAQ's here