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Welcome to the world of Di Luca at Zeeda, where the spirit of Italian racing heritage fuels every design. Danilo Di Luca's legacy is etched into each bike, inspired by epic ascents and the art of the ride. Di Luca bikes are a harmony of artisanal skill and modern innovation, crafted to deliver an unparalleled cycling experience.

Embrace the 'Made in Italy' mark with our Di Luca collection—a blend of race-bred engineering and the luxury of bespoke cycling. Explore our selection and join a lineage of riders who value the exquisite balance of form and function.

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Di Luca

Who designs Di Luca bikes?

Di Luca bikes are the brainchild of Danilo Di Luca, a seasoned cyclist with over 30 years of experience, whose vision for the ultimate ride is brought to life through collaboration with carbon technology specialists and artisans.

What sets Di Luca bikes apart?

Di Luca bikes stand out for their exceptional craftsmanship, innovative design, and the brand's dedication to competitive cycling and engineering products that deliver a winning ride.

What is the legacy behind Di Luca bikes?

The legacy of Di Luca bikes is forged on the historic climbs of Italy's northern Alps, embodying the spirit of iconic races like the Giro d'Italia in their design and performance.

Where are Di Luca bikes crafted?

Di Luca bikes are meticulously crafted in Italy, combining years of artisanal excellence with cutting-edge carbon technology for supreme quality and service.

What is the philosophy driving Di Luca's designs?

Di Luca is driven by a philosophy of collaborative innovation and a passion for functionality and refined aesthetics, ensuring each bike is a testament to 'Made in Italy' excellence.

What distinguishes Di Luca bikes' performance?

The excellence of Di Luca bikes lies in their heritage of competitive cycling, advanced engineering, and a relentless pursuit of the ideal ride.

What materials are used in Di Luca bike frames?

Di Luca bike frames are predominantly constructed from premium carbon, expertly shaped and crafted to deliver a unique blend of strength, lightness, and performance.

The Ultimate Guide To Di Luca Bikes

Di Luca Bikes represents a brand deeply rooted in the cycling world, offering a range of high-performance bicycles that fulfil the demands of avid cyclists and racers alike. The Italian heritage behind the brand is evident in its commitment to precision and craftsmanship, qualities that are quintessential to the production of their renowned bikes. The company takes pride in blending handcrafted techniques with advanced technological enhancements to deliver bikes that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior.

The lineup from Di Luca Bikes includes models such as the Gran Sasso, which is notable for its customisability, allowing riders to tailor the bike to their specific racing needs and preferences. This attention to detail ensures that each Di Luca bike is a testament to the brand's dedication to performance and quality. Whether it's for professional racing or the passionate pursuit of cycling excellence, Di Luca Bikes provides products that aim to elevate the riding experience through their world-class competition bikes.

History and Evolution

Di Luca Bikes, representing Italian craftsmanship, has established a notable presence in the cycling world. Founded with the ambition to create exceptional bicycles, Di Luca has become synonymous with quality and performance. Originating from a country with a rich cycling legacy, the brand honours tradition while infusing modern technology and innovation into each model.

Italian Craftsmanship

Each Di Luca bicycle is the result of meticulous design and assembly, with a keen focus on detail. They craft bicycles suitable for various disciplines:

Road Cycling

Gravel Riding

All-Road Adventures

Product Evolution

Over time, Di Luca has adapted to the evolving needs of cyclists. The adoption of high-quality components and the option for customisation demonstrate their commitment to rider satisfaction and performance enhancement. The brand has embraced changes within the industry, and their models reflect advancements in both materials and engineering.

What Sets the Brand Apart: Unique Features and Technologies

Di Luca Bikes stand out in the high-end bicycle market due to their custom-built nature and the emphasis on performance paired with comfort. Notably, these bicycles are hand-made and hand-painted in Italy, a country renowned for its craftsmanship in the cycling industry.

Customisation Options:

Sizes: Offered in multiple sizes to suit different riders.

Paintwork: Customers can select custom painting to personalise their bike.

Engineering and Performance:

Balance: Bikes engineered to handle endurance and racing.

Craftsmanship: Italian hand-made quality for top-tier performance.

Di Luca Bikes encapsulate a dedication to blending comfort with competitive capability, offering cyclists a choice that is both luxurious and practical. The focus on tailored experiences through customisation places the brand as a go-to for enthusiasts and professional racers alike who seek a bike that truly fits their individual needs and riding styles.

Popular Models

Killer SLR2:
Di Luca Bikes offers a range of high-performance bicycles known for their craftsmanship and Italian design. One of their standout models is the SLR2, renowned for its balance of comfort and performance. This model is customisable and hand-painted in Italy, offering a bespoke experience for the rider. It's engineered for both endurance and racing, making it a versatile option for various cycling challenges.

Gran Sasso:

Another premium offering from Di Luca Bikes is the Gran Sasso. It distinguishes itself with a special gold finish and represents the top-level model from the brand. The Gran Sasso is available in standard sizes, but for those seeking a tailored fit, one can opt for a custom-made frame, crafted using tube-to-tube construction.

Understanding the Range

Di Luca Bikes presents a selection that caters to the high-end market, known for its craftsmanship and Italian heritage. The range is headlined by the Killer SLR2 and the Gran Sasso, each meticulously designed for performance and comfort.

The Killer SLR2 is engineered with a focus on comfort. Its directional carbon fiber structure absorbs road vibrations, delivering a smoother ride. This model stands out for its balance between performance and a pleasurable riding experience.

Gran Sasso, named after the highest peak in the Apennines, represents the pinnacle of Di Luca's offerings. This model offers tube-to-tube construction, which is distinct from traditional moulded frames, allowing for a higher degree of customisation.

Both models offer customisation options in terms of size and aesthetics. Di Luca Bikes allows customers to choose from a wide color palette for a personalised touch.


Di Luca Bikes emerges as a brand with a distinct presence in the cycling industry. Initially marked by controversy due to Danilo Di Luca's involvement in doping cases, the brand strives to establish itself beyond the shadows of the past. The bikes, known for enduring rigorous trials, cater to a market seeking performance and reliability, both in extreme conditions and competitive landscapes.

The brand offers bicycles that are tested on challenging routes, indicating a dedication to quality and endurance. Cyclists considering Di Luca bikes should expect a lineup designed to withstand the diverse conditions encountered in the northern classics and the heat of the Giro d'Italia routes.

While the cycling community has expressed a cautious perspective concerning the brand's association with Di Luca, the available products indicate a focus on technological advancement and competitive performance. The potential growth and acceptance of Di Luca Bikes in the market hinge on their continued commitment to innovation and the ability to provide tangible value to cyclists.

Customers interested in the brand can anticipate a range of bikes that promise a synthesis of trial-tested durability and a dedication to performance. Whether Di Luca Bikes can ultimately redefine its reputation and establish a loyal consumer base will depend on the long-term satisfaction and trust of the cycling community.