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Welcome to the heritage of Cinelli Bikes at Zeeda. Since 1947, Cinelli has carved its niche as a pioneer in the cycling world, brought to life by the vision of its founder, Cino Cinelli, a former professional racer. Cinelli stands as a paragon of Italian tradition, renowned for classics like the Supercorsa and innovations that have shaped the industry.

Every bike in our Cinelli collection is a testament to timeless craftsmanship fused with avant-garde technology. Explore the Cinelli range with us and find not just a bike, but a piece of cycling artistry, ready to write new chapters in your cycling story.



Who makes Cinelli bikes?

Cinelli bikes are crafted by the Italian company Cinelli, which is a renowned manufacturer of bicycles and cycling equipment, known for its rich heritage in cycling culture.

What is Cinelli known for?

Cinelli is famed for its innovative road bikes, pioneering bike components, and distinctive style that has influenced the cycling world since 1948.

What is the history of Cinelli bikes?

Founded by Cino Cinelli, an ex-professional road racer, Cinelli has evolved from a small, fine racing bike maker into a cult brand for cyclists who value heritage and performance.

Where are Cinelli bikes made?

Cinelli bikes are primarily designed in Italy, and while some components may be sourced globally, they maintain Italian manufacturing traditions.

Does Cinelli make road bikes?

Yes, Cinelli has a rich history of producing road bikes known for their design and technological innovation, catering to both competitive racers and cycling enthusiasts.

Who owns Cinelli?

Cinelli is part of Gruppo S.r.l., which also owns Columbus tubing, a prestigious company in the production of technology for bicycle frames.

What is the Cinelli Zydeco disc mud Xle gravel bike?

The 2023 Cinelli Zydeco disc mud Xle is a versatile gravel bike designed for both adventure and racing. It features a lightweight frame with a geometry optimized for comfort over long distances and challenging terrains, equipped with a disc brake system for reliable stopping power in all conditions.

The Ultimate Guide To Cinelli Bikes

Cinelli stands as a renowned marque in the world of performance cycling, with a legacy stretching back to its founding by Cino Cinelli in 1948. The Italian brand has carved out a reputation for crafting high-end bicycles that meld innovative technology with classic style, catering to professional racers, avid cyclists, and urban riders alike. Cinelli bikes are known for their quality, from the iconic track frames born in Milan's velodromes to the contemporary road and gravel offerings that bear the distinctive Cinelli hallmark.

The lineup of Cinelli bikes includes a variety of models designed for different disciplines within the cycling world. For those seeking the thrill of the velodrome or the rush of urban cycling, the Vigorelli represents a track bike with a cult following, revered for its performance and agile handling in traffic. Alternatively, for riders exploring off-road terrain, the Zydeco gravel series provides a versatile and rugged option, adhering to the same precise manufacturing standards that define the Cinelli brand.

Cinelli also addresses the distinct needs of modern cyclists through continuous innovation, evident in their assortment of bicycles that cater to various applications. Road bikes like the Cinelli Pressure, with its aerodynamic design, and the XCR with advanced steel and disc frame technologies, exemplify Cinelli's commitment to pushing the envelope in cycling performance and design. This willingness to advance and refine bicycle technology ensures that Cinelli remains at the forefront of the cycling industry, maintaining its position as a choice brand for cycling enthusiasts around the globe.

History and Evolution

Cinelli is an Italian bicycle manufacturing company with a rich history that dates back to 1948. Founded by Cino Cinelli, a professional road racer born in 1916, the company has been at the forefront of bicycle innovation and design for decades.

Cino's experience as a racer gave him a strong understanding of the mechanical limitations of the bikes during his time. Driven by a quest for perfection, he began producing his own bicycle components which led to the foundation of Cinelli.

Important Milestones in Cinelli’s Evolution:

YearMilestone1937Cino Cinelli begins his professional racing career.late 1930sCino designs the first "Cinelli" stems and handlebars.1948Cinelli was officially established.1986Cinelli introduces the Rampichino, Europe’s first mountain bike.

Over the years, Cinelli has continued to innovate, crafting bikes and components that blend technical precision with breathtaking aesthetics. One of the company's classic and most coveted frame models is the Cinelli Supercorsa Pista. Its enduring design and craftsmanship have solidified Cinelli's reputation among cycling enthusiasts.

The brand also gained recognition for collaborating with famous entities, such as the Red Hook Crit x Cinelli Vigorelli, which demonstrates Cinelli's ability to stay relevant and connected to the contemporary cycling culture.

Cinelli’s commitment to quality and its history of pioneering design have made it a beloved brand among cyclists who value both tradition and innovation in their pursuit of cycling excellence.

What Sets the Brand Apart

Cinelli stands out in the cycling world for its blend of tradition, innovation, and collaboration with artists and designers.

Unique Features and Technologies

Cinelli incorporates distinctive design elements and proprietary technologies across its range of bicycles. Notably, the brand often collaborates with artists, infusing cultural and aesthetic value into each creation. The Cinelli Art Program is an example of this fusion between art and performance, allowing cyclists to express individuality through their bikes.

Additionally, the re-interpretation of classic models with modern materials is a Cinelli hallmark. The Superstar model, for example, represents a modern carbon fiber version of traditional Italian racing bikes. Cinelli's technological innovation is evident in their high-performance bicycle frames, made from materials like Columbus Carbon Fiber, which ensure a balance between strength, stiffness, and weight.

Through such unique features and a commitment to quality and design, Cinelli maintains its reputation for producing bikes that are as visually striking as they are performance-focused.

Popular Models

In the world of cycling, several Cinelli bike models have gained popularity due to their quality and performance. Notably, the Vigorelli stands out as a favored choice among track cyclists. It was originally designed for the velodrome but gained a following for urban cycling.

Vigorelli Track Frame Set

Gravel cycling enthusiasts often look to the Zydeco range. Within this family, the Zydeco LaLa with a Shimano Sora 9V groupset caters to those seeking a reliable intro to gravel riding.

Zydeco LaLa

The brand's heritage shines in the Supercorsa, a model with a longstanding history cherished for road racing. Enthusiasts can choose between the road or track versions, often referred to as the Supercorsa Pista.

Supercorsa Frame Set

The XCR model is another esteemed road bike, acclaimed for its modern steel frame, which capitalizes on a balance of durability and performance.

XCR Frame Set

Cinelli's focus on innovation and attention to detail is evident in each of these models, catering to different facets of cycling and offering various options to accommodate the needs of cyclists across disciplines.

Understanding the Range

Cinelli offers an assortment of bikes that cater to various cycling demands. The range includes road bikes, which are highlighted by models like the Cinelli Pressure. Known for its distinctive personality, the Pressure is equipped with a frame designed for performance, although it may feature budget components in some configurations.

The Cinelli Best Of showcases the pinnacle of the company's technology and craftsmanship. It employs advanced construction techniques and the use of Columbus tubes, which signal its premium build quality.

Cinelli's historical models are not to be overlooked. For example, the Cinelli Experience is a versatile bike that suits riders looking for reliable gearing and comfortable geometry. The Experience model brings together the elements of a race-ready bike with practical, everyday cycling needs.

Cinelli's range also prides itself on offering bicycles that are more than mere vehicles for sport. Each bike is a blend of style and functionality, often featuring artistic designs and innovative frame geometry. The design execution provides a ride that balances responsiveness with comfort, suitable for a seasoned racer or a casual enthusiast.

Bike ModelNotable FeaturesCinelli PressureUnique design, personality-focused, variable component qualityCinelli Best OfHigh-end technology, Columbus tubing, superior constructionCinelli ExperienceVersatile gearing, race-ready yet practical

Cinelli's founder, Cino Cinelli, a former professional cyclist, ensures that the company's bicycling heritage and expertise continue to inform its design philosophy and product range.

Technology and Innovation

Cinelli, an Italian bicycle manufacturer, stands tall in the realm of cycling innovation. The company's founder, Cino Cinelli, infused his passion for the sport into the brand, wielding his expertise to spearhead advancements that continually reshape the industry. Recognized for pioneering designs, Cinelli's bikes have consistently set benchmarks in technology.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Cinelli broke new ground with the introduction of radical aerodynamic frames. Their standout product, the Cinelli Laser, transformed competitive cycling, coupling aerodynamic efficiency with Columbus tubing to reduce power loss and push the boundaries of speed and performance. This innovative design earned the Laser international acclaim, collecting accolades and victories across the world's most prestigious track championships and Olympic events.

Cinelli has been a front-runner in material technology as well. Their ventures in aluminum craftsmanship are evident in creations like the Starship CNC, which at its time represented the zenith of aluminum frame technology. Its use of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology not only enhanced the performance of the bikes but also elevated the aesthetic appeal, marrying form and function.

The brand has never shied away from exploring new territories. They consistently partner with artists and industry leaders to explore creative design solutions, resulting in products that are as visually distinctive as they are technically sound. Their road bikes and fixed-gear track models are especially notable, with a production value focusing significantly on high-quality components.

Through these persistent efforts in research, design, and partnerships, Cinelli underlines its commitment to technology and innovation, solidifying its reputation as a touchstone in the cycling community.

Buying Guide

Choosing the right Cinelli bike requires careful consideration of fit and budget. It's important to select a size that matches the rider's body for optimal comfort and performance, and to consider the financial investment involved.

Size and Fit

The foremost consideration when purchasing a Cinelli bike—or any quality bicycle—is ensuring the proper size and fit for the rider. Factors such as the rider's height, inseam length, and reach should align with the bike's frame dimensions. Cinelli offers a range of sizes, typically measured in centimeters, that correspond to different rider heights.

Height: Match the rider’s height to the manufacturer's recommended frame size.

Inseam Length: Ensure there is enough standover clearance to ride comfortably.

Reach: Rider's arms and torso should fit comfortably without straining over the bike.

Budget Considerations

Budget is a key factor when investing in a Cinelli bike, and prices can vary significantly based on model, material, and features. The type of bike, be it a road, track, or gravel model, will also influence the cost. It's essential to balance cost with the necessities of the cyclist, such as frame material, componentry, and intended use.

Frame Material: Options include steel, aluminum, and carbon, each with different price points.

Components: Higher-tiered derailleurs, brakes, and wheelsets will increase the price.

Purpose: Specialized bikes (e.g., track, gravel, road) will vary in cost based on complexity and design.

Buyers should prioritize their needs and consider long-term value over upfront cost, as a higher investment initially may lead to greater satisfaction and less need for future upgrades.


Cinelli bikes are a blend of Italian craftsmanship and innovation. Their collection ranges from high-quality road bikes to components, predominantly catering to the road bicycle segment. Reviews suggest the bikes display a combination of classic geometry and punk art aesthetics, appealing to riders who value both form and function.

Performance-wise, riders might find the shift towards aesthetic influences in some models impacts their overall weight, with reports of heavy-feeling shifting and braking. Yet, many appreciate the ride quality, which often balances stiffness with smooth handling — indicative of Cinelli's commitment to rider experience.

Despite their robust framesets, some models are noted to have heavier wheels, which could affect the ride's liveliness. These aspects may require consideration by potential buyers against their individual preferences for bike dynamics.

Notable Cinelli Bike Attributes:

Design: Clean lines, appealing visuals

Frame: Stiffness balanced with control

Handling: Smooth and controllable

Components: May experience heavier wheels

Cinelli ensures its place in the market by combining artistic elements with functional design to offer a unique cycling experience. While individual model experiences vary, the brand holds a respectable position in the global cycling community, as evidenced by ratings and expert reviews.