Zeeda partners with Bikebook

Zeeda partners with Bikebook

Find out how you can unlock your free build & fit service (while promo lasts)

As a platform built to add value to the process of buying a bike, Zeeda are thrilled to announce a collaboration with another innovative company, Bikebook. This partnership brings an exciting offer for Zeeda's UK customers, allowing them to enjoy Bikebook's mobile bike servicing for any bikes purchased through Zeeda, without having to leave the Zeeda platform.

Zeeda's Partnership with Bikebook

Zeeda members will now have access to Bikebook's network of over 900 local mobile bicycle mechanics. This means that when purchasing a bike through Zeeda, customers can also opt for expert bike fitting and servicing as part of the check out process for the bike.

What is Bikebook?

Bikebook's platform simplifies finding the perfect local mobile mechanic for bike services or repairs, ensuring high-quality servicing at competitive prices, all in the comfort of your home (or office perhaps!) This partnership is particularly noteworthy because it extends Zeeda's commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences by ensuring that their high-end bikes are assembled and serviced by professionals.

Special Introductory Offer

To celebrate this partnership, there's an introductory offer valid until the end of June 2024. During this period, Zeeda members can request a free at-home bike fitting and adjustment on any new bike purchased through Zeeda. This service can be selected during the bike purchase process, offering convenience and expert assembly right at the customer's doorstep.

Ray Jenkin, Co-founder of Zeeda: "We're excited to partner with Bikebook, a company that shares our passion for a better bike buying and cycling experience, built with all the benefits technology can offer. This collaboration is all about enhancing the buying experience for our customers, ensuring they not only get the best bikes but also the best build and ongoing service.

Jake Fieldsend, Co-founder of Bikebook: "Our mission at Bikebook has always been to connect cyclists with the best local mechanics. Teaming up with Zeeda allows us to bring our network of skilled professionals to a wider audience, ensuring top-notch assembly and service for every bike purchased through Zeeda"

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