The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Channels for New Cyclists

The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Channels for New Cyclists

Biking's not just about moving; it's learning and exploring. Just started or looking to improve? YouTube has plenty of tips for riding and repairs. Here are the top channels for new cyclists.

Seth's Bike Hacks

Channel Focus: Mountain biking, biking tips, adventures

Why You Should Subscribe: Seth's Bike Hacks, also known as Berm Peak, is a goldmine for mountain bikers. Seth offers a mix of educational content, bike repair tips, and adventure videos that are both informative and highly entertaining. His easy-to-understand explanations and creative approach to biking challenges make this channel a must-watch.

Global Mountain Bike Network (GMBN)

Channel Focus: Mountain biking, tutorials, gear reviews

Why You Should Subscribe: GMBN is the go-to channel for everything related to mountain biking. The channel offers a wide array of videos on tutorials, bike maintenance, and the latest in biking gear and technology. With a team of experts sharing their knowledge, GMBN helps riders of all levels improve their skills and understanding of the sport.

Sam Pilgrim

Channel Focus: Freestyle and extreme mountain biking

Why You Should Subscribe: Sam Pilgrim showcases the world of freestyle and extreme mountain biking. His channel is filled with jaw-dropping stunts, challenges, and vlogs that document his biking adventures around the globe. If you're looking for inspiration to push your limits, Sam's channel is the place to be.

GCN - Global Cycling Network

Channel Focus: Road cycling, tutorials, cycling culture

Why You Should Subscribe: GCN is the ultimate channel for road cycling enthusiasts. It covers a wide range of topics from bike maintenance and cycling techniques to race coverage and the latest trends in cycling. The channel’s professional and highly engaging content is perfect for cyclists looking to explore the road cycling scene.


Channel Focus: Bike reviews, maintenance, cycling tech

Why You Should Subscribe: For those who geek out on cycling tech and gear, BikeRadar offers in-depth reviews, how-tos, and the latest news in the cycling world. Their detailed analysis helps viewers make informed decisions about their next bike purchase or upgrade.

Dustin Klein

Channel Focus: Cycling lifestyle, bike art, adventure biking

Why You Should Subscribe: Dustin Klein brings a unique blend of art, design, and cycling to his channel. His videos cover everything from bike customization to adventure rides, all presented with a keen eye for aesthetics. Dustin’s channel is a source of inspiration for cyclists looking to blend their love for biking with creative expression.

Path Less Pedaled

Channel Focus: Gravel biking, travel, bike tours

Why You Should Subscribe: For those who enjoy mixing cycling with travel, Path Less Pedaled offers a refreshing look at gravel biking and bike touring. The channel provides tips on travel, bikepacking, and reviews of gear suited for long-distance adventures. It's a great resource for planning your next cycling trip.

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