Former Canyon & BMC executive joins Zeeda as advisor

Former Canyon & BMC executive joins Zeeda as advisor

We are very excited to announce that experienced cycling business exec Matthew Heitmann will be joining Zeeda as an advisor.

Having held senior leadership roles at Canyon, BMC, The Pro's Closet and Back Country, Matt brings a huge amount of knowledge about the cycling business to Zeeda.

His support also endorses our vision of a different way for customers to buy mid and high end outdoor products like bikes. 

We recently sat down with Matt to get his thoughts on all things cycling. 

We kicked things off asking him about his all time favourite bike. FYI, It's this beautiful bike (BMC SLR1 One).

Also, where are his favourite places in the world to ride:

Here are a few routes around the areas he mentions: 
🇩🇪 Hunsrück
🇩🇪 Northern Black Forest
🇫🇷 Carcassonne
🇫🇷 Montagne Noir
🇪🇸🇫🇷 Pyrenees

And lastly, Matt then shared his thoughts on what he views as the 5 big future trends in cycling: 

1. ⚡ E-bikes open up the sport of cycling
2. 🖥️ Zwift needs to move beyond performance to broaden their appeal
3. 🚵‍♀️ Gravel bikes are a shot in the arm for the industry
4. 🌍 Climate change is changing views on cycling
5. 🚘 Auto Industry is coming after micro-mobility & bikes

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