Basic Mountain Bike Tricks for Beginners

Basic Mountain Bike Tricks for Beginners

Kicking off your mountain biking journey with some cool tricks like wheelies and manuals not only ramps up the fun but also boosts your biking confidence. Think of mastering these tricks as your secret toolkit for gliding over mid-trail obstacles. The magic lies in nailing that perfect dance between your body position and balance. Start small, keep it safe, and as you get the hang of it, challenge yourself with more complex moves. It's all about practice, patience, and keeping that thrill alive!

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Getting Started with Mountain Biking
Basic Mountain Bike Tricks

Getting Started with Mountain Biking

Before venturing into the trails, equip yourself with the right bike and gear, and understand basic bike control to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.

Choosing the Right Mountain Bike

When selecting a mountain bike, consider the type of riding you'll be doing. There are mainly three types:

  • Cross-Country (XC): Lightweight and fast, suited to long distances and climbing.
  • Trail Bikes: Versatile and balanced, with a capacity for a mixture of climbs and descents.
  • Downhill Bikes: Heavy-duty with strong suspension for steep and technical descents.

Size is crucial for control and comfort. Use the following table to match your height with the appropriate bike frame size:

Rider Height (cm) Frame Size (inches)
158-168 15-16
168-178 17-18
178-185 19-20
185-193 21-22
193+ 23+

Essential Gear and Equipment

Your essential kit should include:

  • Helmet: A must-have for head protection.
  • Gloves: Improve grip and protect your hands.
  • Padded Shorts: Enhance comfort during long rides.
  • Repair Kit: Contains tools and spares for on-trail fixes.

Carrying water and a map or GPS device is also advisable for longer rides.

Understanding the Basics of Bike Control

Master these fundamental skills to manoeuvre your bike effectively:

  1. Braking: Learn to use both front and rear brakes efficiently to manage speed and avoid skidding.
  2. Body Position: Maintain a neutral stance with slight bends in elbows and knees to absorb shocks.
  3. Gear Shifting: Practice shifting gears smoothly to handle various terrains and maintain momentum.

                Basic Mountain Bike Tricks

                Mastering a few basic mountain bike tricks can significantly enhance your riding experience. These tricks will improve your balance, control, and confidence on the trails.

                The Manual

                In a manual, you lift the front wheel off the ground and balance on the rear wheel without pedalling. Technique: Lean back slightly, using your hips to shift your weight while keeping your arms straight.

                The Wheelie

                The wheelie is similar to a manual, but you use pedal power to keep the front wheel elevated. Practice: Start in a lower gear, and as you pedal, lean back to lift the front wheel, maintaining balance.

                The Bunny Hop

                To perform a bunny hop, you'll need to lift both wheels off the ground simultaneously. Steps:

                1. Compress your body downwards towards the bike.
                2. Pull up on the handlebars while jumping upward, bringing the bike with you.

                Riding Drops

                Riding drops successfully involves approaching an edge and dropping off it without losing control. Key Point: Shift your weight to the rear and allow your arms and legs to absorb the drop, keeping your bike level in the air.

                Cornering Techniques

                Efficient cornering can maintain speed and stability. Essential Points:

                • Look: Keep your eyes on the path through the turn.
                • Keep your body weight centred and lean the bike, not your body, into the turn.
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